Moving On Services

Following rehabilitation efforts designed to take advantage of the active recovery period, people with ABI and their loved ones often need to reinvent themselves as a result of their experiences.  People need to feel empowered and able to develop confidence in who they are and who they are becoming.  Families need to welcome new dynamics into their routines and loved ones need to know they are valued.  Moving On offers people living with ABI a way to shape identities according to client-chosen ways of being.

Moving On Services provide:

  • Individualized community-based services informed by Narrative approaches to quality of life issues.
  • Skilled, compassionate Specialized Support Workers dedicated to maintaining hard-won client achievements.
  • Individualized programs designed to increase self-awareness and develop a positive self-image.
  • Cost effective post-settlement support, tailored to individual needs.
  • Collaborative social and recreational activities based on personal preferences.
  • Ongoing partnership designed to develop community resources and encourage individual empowerment.

Hands On Oversight

Our Specialized Support Workers receive training and ongoing supervision from our Program Coordinator who ensures that the plan remains responsive to the needs of the individual.  The Coordinator is an Acquired Brain Injury specialist and a Narrative therapy counselor with extensive experience.  The Coordinator is always aware of progress and works with all stakeholders to shape priorities according to changing needs.


Narrative Interventions for People with Acquired Brain Injury

Contacting Moving On:

Tel:   (905) 393-5724
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