Community Based Services

At Elements Support Services we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive individualized community based services that will enable the individual to attain a preferred quality of life

We work under the direction of the individual’s Rehabilitation Team and follow through on the recommendations of the regulated health professional. Our support services are designed to meet the needs of people at different stages of rehabilitation.

We focus on the following key areas:


We promote independence through a broad range of individually tailored support strategies and programs:

  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Memory Enhancement
  • Organizational planning
  • Frustration and Anger Management
  • Self Care/ Stress Management
  • Social and Interpersonal Skills
  • Leisure Skills
  • Positive Daily Routines
  • Health and Well Being


We specialize in providing responsive community outreach and support services to assist individuals to rebuild their lives within the community:

  • Outreach Support
  • Community Reintegration
  • Building a Social Network
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Family Support and Education
  • Leisure and Recreation Options
  • Educational Reintegration


For those individuals who are living independently in the community and need support to maintain their independence we offer:

  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Household & Daily Living Management
  • Reducing Social Isolation
  • Enhancing Quality of Life
  • Vocational/Educational Support

Rehabilitation Support Workers

Our Rehabilitation Support Workers are experienced and committed professionals.

With clear goal oriented action plans Elements Rehabilitation Support Workers work under the direction of the Rehabilitation Team to effectively and professionally implement programming. Each of our Rehabilitation Support Workers is committed to enhancing their considerable skills through ongoing professional development. Each individual come to us with the following:

  • A related university degree or college diploma.
  • Expertise in behavioural programme design and implementation.
  • Expertise in life skills and social skills programming.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Extensive related experience.
  • A criminal reference check along with vulnerable sector screening.

To ensure quality assurance standards the support workers have direct and frequent contact with an Elements Clinical Program Manager who meets on a regular basis with the worker, client and relevant team members to ensure that goals are kept focused and are progressing towards positive outcomes.

Consultation & Training


With specific knowledge in working with highly complex individuals we are experts in designing treatment program plans that are effective and supportive to the individual. If it appears that the treatment plan has stalled or reached a barrier to further progress then a consultation by our highly experienced coordinators or directors is in order.


Elements Support Services has established a range of comprehensive training and education programs that assist with effective responses to people with an Acquired Brain Injury.

The physiology of the brain Acquired Brain Injury – 3 hour workshop
This is an introductory course that provides participants with information on:

  • The causes and effects of injury to the brain
  • Support strategies for people with an acquired brain injury

 Providing Behavior Support – 3 hour workshop
This introductory course aims to educate participants in:

  • Reasons as to why challenging behavior occurs
  • Identification of specific behaviors
  • Methods of data collection and reporting
  • Positive behavior support planning

 Classroom Interventions – 3 hour workshop
This interactive provocative workshop provides participants with information on working with children with complex special needs including children with ABI:

  • Common behavioral concerns
  • Examining the behaviors of school personnel
  • Continuum of intervention strategies
  • Understanding the child in context to their life
  • Creating supportive environments
  • Basic behavior principles

 Additional workshops and training sessions available include:

  • Elements of Treatment Planning – 2 hour workshop
  • The ABC’s of Behavior Analysis – 2 hour workshop
  • Applied Behavior Analysis – 2 hour workshop
  • The Principles Behind our Service Users Charter – 1 hour workshop
  • Our Positive Systems Approach to Support – 1.5 hour workshop
  • Considerations to Working with children with ABI – 1 hour workshop
  • Considerations to Working with Adults with ABI – 1 hour workshop
  • Managing and supporting complex cognitive needs – 1.5 hour workshop
  • Understanding and supporting the family – 1.5 hour workshop
  • Care for the care giver – 1.5 hour workshop

Clinical Program Coordinator

One of the unique components to Elements Support Services is the role of our Clinical Program Manager. Working directly with our Rehabilitation Support Worker (RSW) this position helps to ensure that:

  • Our service is goal oriented, focused, and measurable and clearly reflects the Treatment ams recommendations.
  • Service remains effective, responsive to changing needs and is cost efficient.
  • Any ‘barriers’ to service delivery are problem solved in a way that ensures progress is made.
  • The service is accountable to all stakeholders.

In addition, our Clinical Program Manager supports our RSW with direct supervision and programming resources to ensure that service & supports remain proactive.

Our Clinical Program Managers are highly skilled professionals that combine supervisory experience with clinical expertise. They have the unique ability to think strategically about the management of resources, obstacles and opportunities, adopting flexible, creative, innovative practical and effective solutions to meet complex needs.

The combined efforts of our Rehabilitation Support Workers, our Clinical Program Manager working in conjunction with our Director make Elements a highly effective, personalized outcome oriented provider representing a very cost efficient service.